Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.’s (PSFI) ShellPhilDev Program provides an important opportunity for academically excellent students to continue pursuing their passion in the field of STEM. More than that, the program prepares them to become the leaders of the future through trainings and proper mentorship championed by Shell.

Graduates of the program are empowered with various skills and determination to overcome the challenges of professional life. Two proud graduates of the program, Jon and Clarice, are great examples of Shell PhilDev’s lasting impact.

Jon Paulo Siglos is a licensed Chemical Engineer for Shell. He graduated from the University of San Carlos in 2017, and was under the pioneering batch of the Shell PhilDev scholarship program. He started his journey in the program when he was in his 2nd year of college.

Clarice Gaudito, known by her batchmates as Twinkle, graduated from Ateneo de Cagayan University in 2019, with a degree in Chemical Engineering. She was part of the 3rd batch of the Shell-PhilDev program, and was awarded the scholarship while in her 2nd year of college.

With the guidance of mentors and advisors provided by Shell, Shell-PhilDev is centered on encouraging scholars to pursue their studies and develop their skills in the field of STEM, to enable them to reach their full potential and become the innovators of the future.

“When I entered PhilDev, they gave me an opportunity—not just the opportunity to go to school but to go to different competitions and attend several summits. I took that push to uplift oneself, to maximize one’s potential, and in the long run to hopefully, in the near future, engage in business.” Jon says.

The program offers a holistic approach to providing support for scholars. Aside from the financial and educational aspects of the scholarship, the Shell-PhilDev facilitators often check in on the students even with matters that have to do with their general wellbeing.

“Very big help talaga si PhilDev, it gave me an edge. Di lang sa academic, they will support your hobbies rin. They will really support your extracurricular activities beyond school.” says Clarice. [Translation: “PhilDev really was a big help, it gave me an edge. Not just in academics but they will also support your hobbies. They will really support your extracurricular activities beyond school.” Says Clarice.]

Shell-PhilDev also grants students access to a reliable network. Aside from finding like-minded friends in the STEM field among their batchmates, they also have the opportunity to get in touch with big names in the industry.

Back when they were scholars, the Shell team provided Clarice and Jon the support they needed to become the leaders of tomorrow. Now that they’re back in the company as professionals, they’ve expressed how the firsthand experience of Shell’s ongoing commitment to helping individuals assisted them in reaching their full potential. 

When asked to comment on their favorite part of working in Shell, the engineers had interestingly different answers.

Without missing a beat, Clarice replied “Best thing is values. They really value their employees, yung mga workers nila.” Despite having trouble choosing among the many things he enjoys about Shell, Jon eventually gave three, “Safety, care for people, and the green direction of the company.” As individuals working in the field, they share a clear understanding with PSFI on the importance of the youth in STEM.

“We need to help the youth get the right education and support. The youth have dreams but if they don’t have resources, they won’t be able to reach them.”, says Clarice.

“In the context of the Philippines. Right now, there’s a big demand for professions that come from STEM. Personally, if we have more engineers and more scientists, there will be a lot of start-ups popping up back and forth. We can leverage our natural resources.” Jon adds.

To wrap up the interviews, both were asked what advice they can impart on those who want to pursue their passion in the field of STEM.

Jon’s final response was to keep oneself grounded with a probable reason. “You’ll experience a lot of challenges, and the place you need to keep going back to is ‘why am I doing this’. If you don’t like what you’re doing, you’re being unfair to yourself and to the people you’re working for or with.”

While Clarice kept hers simple: “Two words: Dasig lang.” She further explains that it’s a Cebuano phrase which means, ‘never give up. Justhave courage’.

Given how daunting the field of STEM can be, she understands that certain challenges might deter aspiring professionals from pushing through. “You just need to have courage and never give up. Akala ko nga ‘di na ako makakapagtapos ng college dahil sa thesis, pero thankfully natapos rin. Kaya ang advice ko lang never give up, just have courage.” She adds. [Translation: “You just need to have courage and never give up. I thought I wasn’t going to graduate college because of my thesis, but thankfully I still finished. That’s why my advice is never give up, just have courage.” She adds.]

Every year, Shell-PhilDev welcomes a new batch of potential leaders in the field of STEM. With more students like Jon and Clarice who show the passion and determination for STEM that the world needs, positive change, innovation, and advancements are bound to follow.

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