Our Achievements

Since its inception in 1982, PSFI has touched over 12 million Filipinos through our various programs.


To determine how far we’ve come towards achieving our vision, we ask ourselves three questions:

“How have we improved the lives of the communities we work with?”
We believe that by improving the ability of vulnerable communities to stand on their own feet across six essential dimensions of self-reliance – livelihood, education, health & safety, environment, energy, and nutrition & food security – they will have the capacity to become more productive citizens who play their part in moving our nation forward. We measure how we improve lives by understanding the difference we make in these six dimensions.

“How well did we make use of the resources entrusted to us to improve lives?”
As the social arm of the Shell companies in the Philippines and an implementing partner of major funding organizations such as The Global Fund, we recognize our important role as stewards of the resources entrusted to us. We measure how effectively we manage our resources, ensuring that every peso invested reaches as many Filipinos and goes as far as possible towards improving the lives we touch.

“How many lives have we touched?”
In order to make a significant contribution to the country’s sustainable development, we strive to reach as many Filipinos in as many communities as we can. Understanding the number of individuals, families, communities and institutions we’ve been able to support through our programs is critical to knowing the scale of our contribution.

Featured Results

two mens loading a harvested vegetables

Sustaining frontliners and communities during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic

During the height of the outbreak, we quickly joined in the country’s efforts to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. Within just a few weeks, our consolidated efforts in sustaining our frontliners with meals and PPE, as well as supporting vulnerable community members adversely affected by the lockdowns, reached 82 municipalities that represented 63% of all reported COVID-19 cases at the time.

group of medical team having a health check up to the poor kids
Winning the battle against Malaria

Our Movement in Malaria (MAM) program has resulted in an 87% reduction in the total number of cases and 96% reduction in deaths due to malaria in the country in 2016 compared to the 2003 baseline. And through the national and local-level partnerships forged through MAM, the Philippines achieved the Millennium Development Goal 2015 target for malaria as early as 2008.

healthy growing of green beans
Creating synergies to reduce the prevalence of malnutrition

In 2020, we launched Roots to Shoots (RTS), a 3-year program that aims to improve the nutrition and food security status of undernourished communities in the Philippines. RTS is an innovative program that leverages resources and expertise across various sectors, combining nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions to collectively address the complex, systemic determinants of poor nutrition. The program is being piloted in Camarines Sur, a priority 1 province identified in the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition, in partnership with World Vision and Manila Water Foundation.

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