It’s Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc.‘s (PSFI) 40th year of empowering Filipinos!

With just 7 staff and 2 programs that aimed to upskill out-of-school youth in 1982, PSFI was able to jumpstart its journey of empowering communities. Four decades into the business, PSFI has grown to over 30 programs and almost 200 dedicated staff, 8 constant partner communities, 15 million lives touched, and countless stories in between.

Thanks to the dedicated people working on and with the Foundation’s programs, and the support from communities, PSFI was able to achieve a lasting impact in their 4 decades of work. Hence, the theme for the 40th anniversary—Moving Further—challenged the conventions of celebrations and moved to bring the event to all 8 partner communities with the Community Celebrations.

The team traveled to all 8 communities and culminated with a Grand Celebration held at the BGC Amphitheater. The hybrid Grand Celebration event drew in guests from different ends of the country to celebrate the spirit of progress and working together. PSFI also launched the 40th anniversary microsite, which contains documentation from the celebrations, as well as stories that share the inspiring lives of PSFI beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, PSFI programs have been going strong since the start of the year. The celebration did not take the spotlight away from the work the Foundation does, but rather strengthened it, and made sure that partner communities get to enjoy both the festivities and the programs designed to help them.

Now, it’s time to bring the celebration to the landmark pages of the newsletter.

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