MILESTONES: PSFI Newsletter 2021 Part 2

For over 39 years, Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc. (PSFI) has been a constant partner in the country’s nation building.

Established in 1982, PSFI was created to address the needs of Filipinos, providing opportunities for growth and employment. Since then, the Foundation has grown. Programs are now able to address a wider variety of needs across the country, responding to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Now approaching 40 years of serving Filipinos, PSFI continues to introduce programs that are both effective and sustainable, and has been recognized for their efforts. As a matter of fact, one PSFI project—Project SINAG—was recognized as an Outstanding CSR Project for Environment at the CSR Guild Awards earlier in 2021.

While some of the work had already been shared in the first installment of the newsletter, there are still more stories to tell.

See the country in a brighter light through the lens of PSFI’s programs. With more projects, more communities, and more stories of hope and progress that helped move the #FilipinoForward.


MILESTONES: PSFI Newsletter 2021 Part 1

At a time when some might find the future unclear, PSFI’s goal to empower local communities continues. With the help of various partners and community members, PSFI has taken action to help Filipinos all over the country through meaningful and sustainable programs.

Through big and small efforts, together, we are able to help communities, uplift lives, and provide opportunities for Filipinos to succeed.

That said, PSFI is delighted to share with its valuable partners in change, MILESTONES: PSFI Newsletter

This publication features inspiring people, positive impact, and innovative and sustainable programs that promote hope and progress to help move the #FilipinoForward.

Sama-samang pagtulong, sabay-sabay na pagsulong.