Our Why

Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI) was built on the premise of three (3) coinciding causes: the evident poverty issue in the country, the specific needs of the most vulnerable communities and sectors, and Shell’s intent to help.

Our Approach

Achieving sustainable goals through unity and collaboration with Shell, trusted partners and communities.


Synergizing with various civil society groups, government agencies, and local people’s organizations in achieving shared goals.


Spearheading fit-for-purpose programs to responds not only to the needs of Shell’s worksites and host communities, but to the rest of thecountry.


Anchored on capabilities earned throughout decades of success, PSFI works with key funders in implementing specialized programs.

PSFI’s thematic areas and key performance indicators (KPIs) are directly aligned with the following United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals:
Zero Hunger
Good health and well-being

Quality Education

Affordable and clean energy
Decent work and economic growth
Climate Action
Green Schools 7
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Maytegued Inauguration

Our Process

PSFI's process to achieve positive and sustainable impact
We aspire to spearhead fit-for-purpose projects that responds not only to the needs of Shell’s worksites and host communities, but to the rest of the country.

To ensure the positive and sustainable impact of PSFI’s programs, we remain committed to: (1) the in-depth assessment of communities’ needs, (2) the strategic development of programs alongside the identification of the most suitable key partners to collaborate with, (3) acquiring resources to support the sustainability of the programs, and (4) the adept implemention of excellent programs.

As key, we have a strong monitoring and evaluation system mainstreamed throughout the process and we ensure the active involvement of our dedicated team of experts.

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