All year round, PSFI projects have been going strong, empowering Filipinos through sustainable initiatives that help create positive progress. Despite the pandemic posing hurdles to reaching goals sooner, PSFI is fully committed to attaining these while ensuring the safety and security of all parties involved. Before each activity or undertaking, whether virtual or face-to-face,  PSFI always begins with health and safety reminders. 

A number of projects this year took place in the welcoming and hospitable city of Cagayan De Oro. These projects all correspond to certain community needs, mainly on providing livelihood opportunities and promoting environmental action. Find out more about the said projects below:

Supporting the Philippine Coast Guard’s Coastal Cleanup

PSFI joined the Philippine Coast Guard’s coastal cleanup activity along the Lapasan Coastal Road in February 2021. The voluntary cleanup activity was supported by Shell along with various organizational partners who shared the same cause for cleaner shores.

While there were limitations due to implementation of health protocols, volunteers were still eager to take action for the environment. Sacks were provided to each participant for trash collection. In just 2 hours, almost 15 sacks were quickly filled with various wastes found in the area.

Mangrove Planting Activity in Barangay Bonbon

Together with volunteers from various partners, PSFI initiated their first mangrove planting activity in Barangay Bonbon. Instructions on the proper handling and planting of the seedlings were given to the participants.

COVID restrictions aside, the planting activity was a race against time given that the seedlings had to be planted before the tides rise during the monsoon season. By the end of the day and the following days after, a total of 2,000 miyapi seedlings were fully planted. In the days to come, another 6,000 mangroves are to be planted around the area. With the materials for the planting activity being sourced from local mangrove nurseries, the project aims to continue its commitment to helping protect the community’s shorelines by planting and nurturing a total of 8,000 miyapi seedlings for 2021.

This activity is part of the Ridge-to-Reef program. Furthermore, it aims to strengthen Cagayan de Oro City’s natural green coastlines by planting and growing 8,000 miyapi seedlings for 2021.  The materials for the planting activity were also sourced from local mangrove nurseries along the Macajalar Bay area, one of which is managed by the Sari Sari Fisherman Association themselves.

As a community that’s close to the shoreline, Barangay Bonbon is vulnerable to being severely affected by strong waves and floods. Mangroves serve an important purpose in protecting the Barangay by  reducing coastal erosion and mitigating coastal floods, high waves, and tremendous increase in water levels.

More Progress, One Brick at a Time: Operations and Additional Trainings for Machinery in the Ecobrick Hub

The Ecobrick Hub provides employment to porters as well as helps reduce plastics around Macabalan. Not only that, the facility is powered by solar energy thanks to a solar photovoltaic (PV) system in its Powerhyde building. Through this facility, Macajalar Wharf Porters Association (MWPA) is able to produce Ecobricks and Ecopavers for use and distribution to the Kagay-anons.

In March of this year, a training session on Machine Preventative Maintenance and Troubleshooting was provided for MWPA. Fifteen participants were trained over the course of 3 days. The activity was done to prepare workers in case trouble arises involving the use of machineries, such as the shredder or mixer suddenly stopping during operations.

To ensure that the solar PV system runs smoothly all the time, a training and orientation on its proper use was arranged. The training and orientation was attended by 10 beneficiaries, 9 of which were MWPA porters and 1 being a staff of the Barangay LGU of Macabalan. The event mainly educated the attendees on the proper use of the solar PV system, its maintenance , and troubleshooting.

Almost 4,000 ecobricks and ecopavers were produced months after the soft launch last May 2021. As of November 2021, 2,370 pieces of ecobricks were purchased by private homeowners from the city.  A single ecobrick is equal to 2 kilos of shredded laminated plastics which is estimated to be around a hundred sachets. Thus from the 2,370 bricks created, the project was able to divert 4,740 kilos of plastics away from drainage systems, rivers, and oceans.

Participating in the 36th International Coastal Cleanup Day

Every year on the third Saturday of September, the International Coastal Cleanup Day is observed all over the world. The event aims to remove trash from the waters and inspire global action for the ocean. To show support for this important date, PSFI volunteers joined the multi-partner and stakeholder event of the National Coast Guard District of Northern Mindanao.

The event took place on September 18 along the coasts of Barangay Sinaloc, El Salvador, Misamis Oriental. To double down on the action, a mangrove planting activity was added to the event’s agenda alongside the coastal cleanup. Overall, event volunteers successfully planted 650 mangrove seedlings and filled up 50 sacks with debris.

Support for Coast Guard Non-Officers Training

In support of the Philippine Coast Guard’s endeavors, PSFI turned over 10 drum barrels to the Regional Training Center in Laguindingan. This was for their implementation of the Coast Guard Non-Officers’ Course meant to train civilians for non-police and non-military activities of the Philippine Coast Guard.

The training gathered prospects from different regions of the country, allowing a more diverse and inclusive list of aspiring Coast Guard Auxiliary. Among the list were 450 female candidates who joined the training.

These projects, among many others, have made this year quite a productive one for the communities of Cagayan De Oro. Thanks to the dedication of volunteers, beneficiaries, and various partners who made these possible, progress is well underway.

PSFI continues to look for ways to work with Filipinos and improve quality of life. As of the moment, more programs and projects are being developed with hopes of empowering more communities further.

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