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Macajalar Bay, a major fishing ground, is threatened by rapid urban development coupled by strong coastal migration.

The Macajalar Bay is a major fishing ground. It is 50-km wide at the mouth and 30-km long, with an area approximately 1000 km2, where 12 municipalities of Misamis Oriental also share a coastline with the bay.

As the gateway to Northern Mindanao, rapid urban development along the bay coupled by strong coastal migration are threatening the condition of the bay. In 1950, there were over 440 hectares of mangrove, but in 2018, only 195 hectares remain, showing a decline of 44%. Recent flooding and coastal deviation in the area can be attributed to the decline of these mangroves.

Together, let’s rehabilitate Macalajar Bay by planting mangroves and organizing its neighboring communities for better livelihood opportunities and protection of its aquaculture and coastal area.

 3,700 trees planted
1,320 tree seedlings grown in nursery since 2021
90.75 hectares of land re-forested including coastal mangroves