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Poor nutrition, especially in the first 1,000 days, causes irreversible damage to the brain and the body.

This will severely affect the child’s ability to do well in school, and afterwards earn a good living as an adult. Malnutrition continues to be widespread in the Philippines. In fact, three in 10 children under 5-years-old are stunted.

Camarines Sur is one of the Philippine provinces with a high prevalence of malnutrition and has been included in the priority areas of the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN). PSFI aims to combat this in 13 barangays in the municipalities of Pasacao and Bombon by engaging mothers, caregivers, health and nutrition workers and farmers plus the broader community to ensure the proper health and nutrition of very young children in the area.

Roots to Shoots (RTS) brings together the elements of: health and nutrition, food security and livelihood, sanitation and hygiene, education, and gender empowerment in a community-based approach.

Together, let’s ensure that the next generation is given their best chance to survive, thrive and grow to be responsible and productive members of society.

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