Support the Disaster Relief Program

Every year, the Philippines is visited by an approximately 20 typhoons, five of which is extremely destructive in nature.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, almost Php 463 billion worth of damages has been brought about by these typhoons from year 2010-2019, affecting thousands of Filipinos annually.

Shell and its partners aims to continue its work towards quick and efficient response to any calamity/disaster that hits the Philippines, be it be natural or man-made. The Disaster Response Network or DRN program is a tripartite partnership between PSFI, Shell and the BCYF (STM) network. The partnership will take advantage of the various locations of Shell mobility stations convenience stores which will serve as drop off and temporary storage facility of goods donated by the public. The stores will receive goods, while BCYF (STM) network partners will pack these and distribute to Covid-19 and disaster-stricken

Together, let’s provide relief support to communities affected by disasters and emergencies.